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United Arab Emirates

Where can I travel during pandemic as a United Arab Emirates citizen?
Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine passport at the border control?
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Countries include sovereign states, overseas terriotories
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Answer: United Arab Emirates
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Answer: Not specified
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Answer: Not vaccinated
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Answer: No, I didn't
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Answer: Not specified

Destination statistics

Countries include sovereign states, overseas terriotories
No restrictions
The country has no formal restrictions on entry by air, but is still monitoring the situation and may have other travel policies in place like mandatory testing or quarantines upon arrival.
countries have no travel restrictions
for Emirian citizens
no change from yesterday
Partially open
Entrance into the country may depend on the traveler’s citizenship, point of origin, or other specific regulations.
countries are partially open
for Emirian citizens
no change from yesterday
Completely closed
Only citizens, residents returning home, or people in other special circumstances may enter the country.
countries are completely closed
for Emirian citizens
no change from yesterday
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Last updated on
25 July 2021