Travel restrictions from Antarctica to Kosovo
as a citizen of Ukraine that is not vaccinated
The restrictions below are based on the following criteria
Travelling from Antarctica
Travelling to Kosovo
Citizen or resident of  Antarctica
 Not vaccinated
Recovery certificate not available
Recently visited  Antarctica
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Outgoing travel
travelling from Antarctica to Kosovo
What you need to make sure:
What you need to do:
That's it! Bon Voyage and get there safe!
Return travel
returning from Kosovo to Antarctica
What you need to do:
That's it! Bon Voyage and get there safe!
COVID-19 confirmed cases
in Kosovo
0.0 new cases this week
per 100.000 people
No change NaN%
from 0.0 per 100.000 people since last week
Infection risk: Moderate
according to Risk Assessment Level data from CDC
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Last updated on
25 July 2021